A strategy to read and understand primary research papers

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Throughout our lives, the public often relies on experts to provide us with the understanding of key issues in order to make decisions. This has overwhelmingly been evident during the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. Although at times, experts and professionals are met with resistance which could be a result of a lack of communication and understanding from the general public.

Anecdotally, I get the impression that science (of any topic) is somehow off limits and too complicated for others to understand. However…

The wisdom from education that can lead to a fulfilling life.

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When I was a teenager in high school biology, I remember flirting with the idea of exploring medical school and becoming a medical doctor. Unfortunately, and much to my mother’s dissatisfaction, I quickly abandoned the idea after discovering the extensive time involved in school. And never mind the costs.

That story now resonates from my past as I recently finished my Ph.D. and earned the title of doctor, albeit not a medical one. I even jokingly remind my mother of the hypocritical story from time to time.

However, on the other side and away from…

A perspective for delivering science

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As an upcoming scientist and science communicator, I have had the experience as both student and teacher which has provided to be a unique perspective of our science education in the US. As we now live in a world that heavily revolves around science and technology, it is imperative that we develop and become individuals that can understand and solve critical problems through the lessons of science. However, science education does not come without its own challenges. Here, I highlight challenges I have observed and provide alternative perspectives that aims to address them.

From fact…

When you feel like you are “behind in life”.

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As a late twenty-year-old, all too often I come across this phenomenon of feeling “behind in life”, which can be ushered into our thoughts by a number of sources. Interestingly, I noticed that when this idea is brought up in conversation, it strikes an emotion in nearly everyone in a unique, personal way. Everyone having their own version. Thus, it became clear that this is something that people readily identify with as well as deal with on a much greater scale.

And because so many of us share this feeling, I wanted to dissect and understand where this idea comes…

And why now, I’ll never stop.

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Recently, I entered into a transitional period in my life. Rapid changes in my day to day, undoubtedly became a source of anxiety and stress. Although I was aware of the practice of meditation, I remained skeptical and never gave it any serious thought. But, if it reconciled any of the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress, I was certainly interested.

Clearly, meditation has gained substantial traction in recent years as upwards of ; whereas, here in the United States, adults attempting meditation

Ryan A. Martin, Ph.D.

Scientist and science communicator, lover of fitness, an active lifestyle, and personal growth.

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